A revolutionary new system, to fast charge EV’s whilst limiting impact on the National Grid, is now in the final phase of testing.

EnSmartEV is entirely new technology, that uses battery storage and/or solar PV to fast charge EV’s. In doing so, EnSmart EV can overcome expensive grid connection costs – to bring EV charging to otherwise expensive locations such as City Centres, Business Parks, Supermarkets, Hospitals and Community Housing Schemes.

With the ability to fast charge at 7kw AC or 20kw DC, EnSmartEV can charge up to six EV’s in parallel at any one-time. EnSmartEV can also seamlessly switch between AC and DC charging depending upon the most cost effective form of EV charging available.

The smart system has a number of major innovations including a 600kw battery store that allows for DC to DC charging without conversion losses, as well as an entirely new CCS Combo 2 charging gun that can seamlessly switch between AC and DC charging.

EnSmartEV is supported by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) through Innovate UK funding.

The EnSmartEV system – which is now in the final stages being tested at Leiria Way, Runcorn – will be the first system of its kind in the world and is being delivered in a partnership with a number of commercial partners, the University of Huddersfield and Halton Borough Council.