Lets help you to get off the grid!

Why choose Entrust Microgrid? Do you want to make saving on your energy bills? You maybe surprised at what we offer……

We are global leaders in innovation of smart microgrid systems and Smart EV charging Systems. We use Hybrid utility-voltage DC- and AC-networked microgrid systems. Using Solar PV, DC battery storage and DC loads all connected within the DC network to save you 5-10% on your energy usage. Using hybrid inverters with the PCS (bidirectional DC/AC power converter system) this couples the DC- and AC- networks. All managed through our microgrid controller with cloud EMS and/or local EMS. This technology gives you as the customer all the benefits of solar PV power and energy storage at maximum power efficiency, cutting energy bills, saving money and providing truly scalable low carbon energy solutions!

We can help in these areas.

  • Smart microgrid systems can be used in Large commercial operations, Housing development’s, Farm Buildings to domestic homes.
  • We supply solar PV, DC battery storage, hybrid inverters or PCS (power conversion system)
  • We have an innovate solutions to divert the demand for electricity in relation to Electric Vehicle Fleet charging
  • We have a solution for Microgrid systems for off-grid operations
  • Provide Highest power efficiency for solar PV and battery storage
  • Provide the Lowest grid connection capacity required for solar PV, battery storage and EV charger combined
  • Lower your electricity bill and meet NET ZERO targets
  • Allow very high penetration of renewable power (solar PV and wind power) with existing grid infrastructure
  • Maximize benefits for end-users and operators through
    • ~100% self consumption of solar PV power and stored energy
    • minimizing peak-time grid power consumption
    • significantly reducing peak power capacity
    • participating electricity market through aggregation