Cut your energy costs and save the planet!

World leading, smart microgrid technology operating at highest efficiency for maximum return on investment in solar PV, battery storage and renewable power installations.

We at Entrust Microgrid are global leaders and pioneers with patented technology for smart AC and DC networked microgrids.

Offering “best of all worlds” our innovative solution powers key energy demands such as EV charging, heat pumps and hot water heating at highest efficiency through the DC network.  Delivering savings of at least 10% over traditional microgrids and solar PV installations.

Yet, our technology also powers the AC network too meaning it is easy to install with automatic, smart control to ensure you always use the lowest cost and most efficient form of electricity.

As dedicated microgrid experts, we offer “plug and play” smart microgrid systems for businesses and homes.  We also specialise in bespoke microgrids design and supply for business and commercial operators looking to cut their energy costs and take forward their environmental commitments

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We can help in these areas.

  • Bespoke smart microgrid design and supply of systems for large commercial and business operations
  • Domestic smart home microgrids with solar PV, battery storage and hybrid inverters
  • Innovative EV charging solutions that simultaneously charge multiple EV’s at 20kW~120kW ideal for EV charging hubs
  • All our solutions are designed to provide lowest grid connection cost and capacity to save time and money with expensive grid upgrades
  • Our solutions maximise the use and efficiency of solar PV, minimise the use  of expensive peak-time electricity and allow consumers to participate in grid flexibility services, such as demand side response to lower energy bills