EnSmartBuild: Commercial Scale Solar PV and Battery Storage

Save money and protect your businesses from, spiralling energy costs through solar PV and battery storage.

With affordable solutions and payback between 5~7 years all businesses, large and small, can benefit from solar PV and battery storage.

The key is self generation, storage and use of the cheapest form of electricity either from solar PV directly or by charging batteries over-night from lower tariff, off-peak  electricity which can then be used at peak times.

Thanks also to advances in battery technology there is a much wider range of options to suit all business types, ranging from smaller scale combined 115kWh with 30kW inverter; right through to larger containerised battery storage at 3300 kWh.

With a professional design team as well as supply contracts and warranties from top battery manufactures, we offer turnkey solutions to help businesses save money and also achieve their Net Zero commitments.

We even have our own smart microgrid control systems and also EV charging solutions too.

So to find out how your business can save money and benefit from solar PV and battery storage download or brochure below.