EnSmartBuild is our smart hybrid DC- and AC-networked microgrid system with solar PV and battery storage for buildings and communities.

An EnSmartBuild system may include solar PV arrays (either roof or ground mounted), EnSmartESS (smart Lithium-Ion battery storage), EnSmartPCS (smart power conversion system) coupling the solar PV arrays, the battery storage and the AC network.

EV chargers, such as our EnSmartEV charging hub (smart public EV charging hub with hybrid DC and AC chargers), can be integrated in EnSmartBuild system.

A smart microgrid controller EnSmartCTR (available soon) with EMS (smart energy management system) can be integrated with EnSmartBuild, which is future proof and provides advanced smart functions and extra benefits to the operators and users, such as active load control responding time-of-use tariff, aggregated participating electricity market and balancing/supporting the grid services.

Best for:

  • Private sector: such as retail, supermarkets, distribution centers, business parks
  • Public sector: such as healthcare providers, schools, universities, local authority government
  • Industry: such as manufacturing, waste management, processing

Why EnSmartBuild

  • Very low overall system grid connection cost
  • High system power efficiency
  • Low peak power capacity and fees
  • Low peak grid electricity consumption, hence save more electricity bill