About Us

Our Company:

Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Ltd, formed in 2018, specialise in smart microgrid systems that not only reduce energy consumption from the grid, particularly at peak hours, but also maximise user’s benefits from embedded solar PV and energy storage systems.

In addition to our UK headquarters in Lancaster, Entrust Microgrid has a highly talented engineering and technology development team in China, and is also developing a R&D and test laboratory and workshop in Huddersfield.

Entrust Smart Microgrid is a smart hybrid DC- and AC-networked power system with renewable energy (such as solar PV and wind power, heat pump, etc.) and energy storage (such as battery, heat and cooling storage), providing high power efficiency for home and business alike, cutting grid connection costs, saving money and providing truly scalable low carbon energy solutions.

Our world leading patented smart microgrid and EV charging technologies can be adapted to suit multiple applications including:


Smart home microgrid system for domestic homes including solar PV (~5kWp), battery storage (5kWh ~ 20kWh) and smart hybrid inverter (3kW or 3.6kW or 5kW), available for property developers, housing associations, social and private landlords. Smart EV charger and/or heat pumping system can be integrated in EnSmartHome.


Smart commercial microgrid system for buildings and communities including solar PV (from kWp to MWp), battery storage (from kWh to MWh), smart power conversion and energy management system, available for public and private sector buildings such as local government, healthcare, transport, manufacturing, processing, waste management, retail and industry. EnSmartEV, a smart hybrid DC and AC charging hub, can be integrated into EnSmartBuild. We provide design service and supply for each bespoke EnSmafrtBuild.

Our smart microgrid systems provide AC and DC power for multiple applications such as lighting, space heating, water heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, even EV charging and water pumping, maximising self-consumption of solar PV power, reducing reliance on peak grid electricity, and easy to control via smart EMS and controller and/or smartphone App. Entrust Microgrid is the smart choice for all energy, environment and cost-conscious consumers.

Innovation Funding

With over £3m of investment secured to date, our patented, innovative, smart microgrid system solutions, operate at the highest possible power efficiency, maximising self-consumption of on-site renewable power generation, such as solar PV, significantly cutting energy costs and reducing reliance on the grid.

In 2021, we will showcase our innovative EnSmartEV (smart hybrid DC and AC EV charging system for public applications) in three UK car park locations, as part of a £2.5m Innovate UK funded project.

Please follow all our developments on our News page which showcases all our innovation projects and activities.

Meet the Team

Professor Xiongwei Liu
Managing Director

Professor Xiongwei Liu is the Founder and Managing Director of Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Ltd, inventor of Entrust Smart Microgrid with two core patents, and a global leader in smart microgrid based on hybrid DC- and AC-networks and renewable energy systems for built environment.

Xiongwei has over 30 years academic and industrial experiences in the UK, Germany and China. Before founding Entrust Microgrid, he was Professor of Sustainable Engineering at University of Cumbria, and Professor of Energy and Power Management at University of Central Lancashire. At the universities, Xiongwei led 20+ renewable energy and smart microgrid projects funded by the UK and European funding agencies with grants over £5m.

Xiongwei is currently visiting Professor at University of Huddersfield (UK), guest Professors at Beijing University of Technology (China), Xiangtan University (China) and Hunan University of Science and Technology (China).

Stephen Parkinson
Business Director ACIS

A national award winning marketing and communications specialist, Stephen has over 25 years experience in sales and marketing. Stephen has led major organisational change projects and head up multi-million pound projects and project development.

A strong and natural leader, Stephen is also a fully qualified and highly experience coach – with a focus on corporate, business and personal development.

Stephen is focused on delivering business and commercial solutions to modern-day problems and is responsible for ensuring the deployment and take up of innovative Entrust Smart Microgrid Technologies in the domestic, commercial and transport sectors.