About Us

Our Company

Entrust Microgrid, formed in 2016, specialises in smart microgrid systems that maximise cost savings from embedded solar PV, heat pumping system, energy storage system, EV charger and other smart energy appliances.  All whilst providing seamless support for the grid through flexible services (providing the grid with electricity) and demand side response (cutting peak electricity usage)

Entrust Smart Microgrid is a smart hybrid utility-voltage DC- and AC-networked local power system with renewable energy (such as solar PV and wind power, heat pump, etc.) and energy storage (such as battery, heat and cooling storage) and other smart energy appliances and devices, for the built environment, from domestic homes to large buildings and communities.

Entrust Smart Microgrid enables high penetration of renewable (solar PV and wind) energy at high power efficiency and low grid connection costs, minimises user’s energy bills and supports the grid through smart microgrid control and intelligent energy management system.

Our Vision:

To be the global leader in smart microgrid and Smart EV Charging systems through three key strategies: Innovation, Customer Value and Collaboration

Our Mission:

To promote Net Zero emission technologies, address the energy crisis and tackle Climate Change

Our Strategy:

Innovation, Customer Value and Collaboration

Our world leading patented smart microgrid and EV charging technologies can be adapted to suit multiple applications including:


A  revolutionary new way to charge EV’s at maximum efficiency whilst also reducing grid connection costs.  EnSmartEV uses optional solar PV as well as battery storage to charge EV’s from exiting grid connections.  With fast (20kW) and rapid (120kW+) EnSmartEV charged multiple EV’s in parallel.  EnSmartEV is a great option for EV charging hubs, retail and business parks, supermarkets, hospitals, universities, hotels, tourism and destination sites as well as fleet EV, logistics and delivery hubs and workplace EV charging.


Bespoke, smart commercial microgrid design and system supply for businesses and commercial operators.  We provide battery storage systems from 115kWh to over 3,300 kW that maximise the consumption of solar PV and low tariff electricity to cut energy costs for businesses and large consumers of electricity including manufactures, commercial operators and local authorities.  We also supply smart energy management systems that are automated to use the cheapest form of electricity and save businesses money.

Innovation Showcase

With over £5m of investment secured to date, our patented, innovative, smart microgrid system solutions, operate at the highest possible power efficiency, maximising self-consumption of on-site renewable power generation, such as solar PV, significantly cutting energy costs and reducing reliance on the grid.

With exciting smart microgrid and EV charging technology, including V2X Bi-Directional EV charging to allow the EV battery to power buildings and provide electricity back to the grid, Entrust Microgrid is a pioneering, innovation showcase.

Please follow all our developments on our News page which sets out all our innovation projects and activities.

Meet the Team

Professor Xiongwei Liu
Managing Director

Professor Xiongwei Liu is the Founder and Managing Director of Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Ltd, inventor of Entrust Smart Microgrid with two core patents, and a global leader in smart microgrid based on hybrid DC- and AC-networks and renewable energy systems for built environment.

Xiongwei has over 30 years academic and industrial experiences in the UK, Germany and China. Before founding Entrust Microgrid, he was Professor of Sustainable Engineering at University of Cumbria, and Professor of Energy and Power Management at University of Central Lancashire. At the universities, Xiongwei led 20+ renewable energy and smart microgrid projects funded by the UK and European funding agencies with grants over £5m.

Xiongwei is currently visiting Professor at University of Huddersfield (UK), guest Professors at Beijing University of Technology (China), Xiangtan University (China) and Hunan University of Science and Technology (China).

Fiona Thornton

Finance Director

Fiona is a strong leader who brings over two decades of invaluable experience in logistics, office management, finance, and operations. As we collectively strive to tackle the critical challenges of energy security, reliability, and sustainable practices for both individuals and businesses, She is eager to harness her leadership skills, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence to contribute to our mission.

“I’m genuinely excited to be part of a team that’s making a real and positive impact in the realm of renewable energy and energy solutions. Together, we have the opportunity to shape a more sustainable future, and I’m fully committed to playing my part in this inspiring journey”


EnSmartEV Fast and Rapid EV Charging