EnSmartEV (fast and rapid EV charging hubs)

EnSmartEV System

Power your EV adoption and roll out with world leading smart EV charging systems from Entrust Microgrid.

Using our patented technology for hybrid AC and DC networked microgrids, our EV charging solutions operate at highest efficiency and lowest grid connection cost.

With fast and rapid EV charging at between 20kW to 120kW, our EnSmartEV system charges multiple EV’s in parallel via battery storage and optional solar PV.

Through battery storage and smart control, our EnSmartEV system charges EV’s via DC:DC which is the most efficient way to charge EV’s.

With the ability to take lower cost, overnight electricity to charge EV’s at peak times, our EnSmartEV system provides for lower operational costs.  Plus, with peak power demands de-coupled from the grid, existing grid connections can be utilised for EV charging.  Overcoming expensive grid upgrades and offering EV charging solutions in otherwise grid constrained locations.

As a smart microgrid and combined EV charging system, EnSmartEV can also power building loads too, so is a great solution for businesses looking to cut their energy costs, deploy EV charging and meet their environmental and social responsibility commitments.

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