EnSmartEV from Entrust Microgrid is an innovative new smart EV charging system, that makes use of either low cost grid connected or solar PV electricity to charge EV’s. The system uses a large Lithium Ion battery to store cheap rate (overnight) electricity or low cost solar PV ready for EV charging.

With the unique CCS Combo charging gun, EnSmartEV automatically charges EV’s via the most efficient and lowest cost way – either through DC or AC charging. EnSmart EV also supports AC charging of EV’s that use the CHAdeMO charging standard – such as the Nissan Leaf.

Using stored cheap rate overnight grid electricity, or where installed solar PV, makes more economic sense to charge EV’s.  It also balances out demands on the electricity grid and as such, can cut grid connection costs for EV charging.

EnSmartEV patented smart microgrid technology allows for multiple 20kW DC charging points to be installed for commercial or public use, from a single grid connection.

Our technology has the key advantage that it can charge EV’s either directly from solar power stored in the battery system or from off-peak cheaper rate electricity, when the sun does not shine. With minimum or even zero draw down from the national grid during the peak hours, this keeps charging costs low and helps balance out electricity demand across the grid.

EnSmartEV can support up to 6 x EV’s charging simultaneously and charger output can be increased up to 50kW, enabling EnSmartEV to support many larger public EV charging hub applications such as in retail parks, shopping centres and airports.

And like all Entrust Microgrid products, EnSmartEV can all be controlled from a smart phone app – truly putting the customer in charge!