EnSmartEV is a revolutionary way for fast and rapid EV charging whilst also balancing the grid.

Via battery storage and optional solar PV, EnSmartEV charges EV’s at ranges of 20kW to 120kW+.  EnSmartEV charges multiple EV’s in parallel so is a great option for EV charging hubs and fleet EV charging.

The key selling point for EnSmartEV is the grid and grid balancing.  EnSmartEV enables EV charging from existing grid connections and as such avoids costly grid upgrades – saving both time and money.

What’s more, the electricity stored in the EnSmartEV system can also be used to support building loads to help to reduce overall energy costs.

Via our patented technology EnSmartEV can also seamlessly switch between DC and AC charging so the system can also charge at 7kW – which also adds to it’s flexibility and usability.

The system is designed to automatically take the cheapest and most available form of electricity based on a topology of either solar PV, battery storage or as a last resort direct grid electricity.  As well as optional solar PV, EnSmartEV charges the batteries over night from lower tariff, off peak electricity to deliver EV charging at peak times.

Utilising highly efficient and long lasting, Lithium-Ion batteries EnSmartEV has a containerised battery storage unit with a range of different battery sizes depending upon site location, demands and available grid connection capacity.

Currently, the system is using 622kWh of battery storage at our sites in Liverpool and Huddersfield.  The battery unit also storage combines our intelligent EV charging technology that ensures EV charging is delivered in the most efficient way possible.

With contactless card payments and combined back-office software system, EnSmartEV is the go to EV charging solutions for retail and business parks, supermarkets, hospitals, universities, hotels and tourism/visitor destination sites, delivery and logistics hubs as well as fleet EV and workplace charging.

Download our EnSmartEV brochure here and to find out more please contact:

Stephen Parkinson
Business Director


07801 973454