Smart microgrid systems for the built environment

Consumers are increasingly concerned about rising energy costs as well as their overall impact on the environment and many are installing solar PV systems for their homes and business. However, the current practice of generating solar PV power and exporting it to the grid for a low tariff income, circa 5.5p/kWh, provides very limited benefits and delivers only marginal rates of return of between 12 and 20 years.

We have developed a range of innovative smart microgrid systems to supply embedded solar PV energy at maximum efficiency, for both direct use at source, and indirectly through storage in batteries for use later on, to significantly cut energy costs and reliance on the grid.

We can provide complete microgrid systems or products for users who simply need to adapt or retrofit smart products into their existing PV installation to create a microgrid. Typically, our system products include;

Solar PV panels

Solar PV Panels, from 3kWp to MWp, including roof or ground mounting frames and materials.


Smart power conversion system available in various outputs, both single-phase (3kW, 3.6kW and 5kW) for EnSmartHome and three-phase (10kW ~ 250kW) for EnSmartBuild.


LFP battery storage system available in various capacity: 5kW, 10kW and 20kW (for EnSmartHome), and large battery storage (to be designed and integrated for EnSmartBuild).


Entrust smart microgrid controller enabling smart energy management for both EnSmartHome and EnSmartBuild, associated with smartphone-App and cloud management system (under development).


Battery storage and optional solar PV for fast (20kW) and rapid (120kW+) EV charging, whilst balancing the grid.

Consultancy Services

Bespoke consultancy services available including project feasibility studies and system designs for larger projects.

​With the added advantage of being able to use cheap rate, overnight electricity to charge the batteries, when the sun is not shining, our technology delivers always on, round the clock low cost and low carbon electricity at maximum efficiency.

Please use the links to each of our systems below for more information.


EnSmartHome, from Entrust Microgrid, provides all the benefits of renewable energy and energy storage at maximum power efficiency.

  • lowers use of grid electricity, particularly at peak hours,
  • lowers energy costs, and
  • lowers domestic carbon emissions

EnSmart Build

EnSmartBuild HVB uses smart technology to supply solar PV power at the highest possible power efficiency, for both direct use at source, and indirectly through storage in either lead-carbon or lithium-ion batteries, of between 50kWh and 1mWh, for use later on.


EnSmartESS batteries are available in both Pb-C or Li-Ion in a range of outputs from 5kWh up to 1mWh.


EnSmartEV from Entrust Microgrid is an innovative new smart EV charging system, that can supply DC power generated from a solar PV array, which can be stored in a large lithium ion battery, directly for EV charging.