Smart microgrids, EV charging and battery storage

As pioneers in smart microgrid technology, we have a range of products and services for both home and commercial microgrids.

The key is maximising self generation and self consumption of lowest cost electricity, either from solar PV or by storing and using, lower tariff (off peak, over night) electricity.   To save money and reduce costs from using energy at peak times.

Entrust Microgrid has patented smart microgrid control systems, energy management system and EV charging systems that operate at highest efficiency and lowest operational cost.

In addition, we both design and supply smart microgrid solutions, inverters and battery storage solutions.  Find our more from the sections and links below.

EnSmartHome inverter, battery and smart controller


EnSmartHome is a smart microgrid for domestic properties.  3kW, 3.6kW or 5kW hybrid inverter, with battery storage from 5kWh.  Smart microgrid controller that optimises and controls the microgrid for improved efficiency.

EnSmart Build

Commercial scale smart microgrids and battery storage.  We are experts in the design and supply of bespoke, commercial microgrids and battery storage.  With a range of inverters and battery storage options from 115kWh to over 3,300kWh.  Great for cost conscious businesses and commercial operators looking to cut their energy costs,

EnSmartEV System


EnSmartEV provides fast and rapid EV charging from 20kW through to 120kW.  Using our patented microgrid technology, EnSmartEV charges multiple EV’s in parallel via DC:DC at highest efficiency through battery storage and optional solar PV.  Maximising existing grid connections, EnSmartEV is the go to solution for EV charging hubs, commercial and fleet EV operators and for EV charging in grid constrained locations.