EnSmartEV – the revolutionary new EV charging system that allows for charging of EV’s whilst balancing out demands on the grid – is now able to handle up to 160kW DC rapid EV Charging.

With record numbers of electric vehicles now being sold (40,000 EV’s were sold in in the UK in March 2022 more than 16% of all cars sold in the UK) the key to supporting the transition to zero emission vehicles is an available and easy to use EV charging infrastructure .

Reliable, fast and rapid EV charging is in increasing demand as people want the convenience of rapid, top up and go charging to complete their journey’s in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of hassle possible.

Yet rapid EV charging brings its own problems too – namely the electricity grid and how the grid can cope with such huge demands for power (for example 10 EV charging points operating at 160kW means a power demand of 1.6mW on the electricity grid).

This is where EnSmartEV comes in. With patented technology to charge from a large battery store and optional solar PV, EnSmartEV limits demands on the grid, especially at peak times, so as to enable a more balanced roll out of EV charging infrastructure.

And with thanks to funding from Innovate UK, EnSmartEV can now rapid charge EV’s at up to 160kW which is suitable for EV charging at key motorway and strategic road interchanges as well as for fleet EV purposes.

With fast EV charging rates at between20kW, 40kW, 60,kW, 80kW and 120kW EnSmartEV has flexibility to accommodate various EV charging models – all of which can be balanced with the grid so so to reduce grid connection costs as well as ongoing operational costs too.

Contact Stephen Parkinson (email stephen.parkinson@entrustmicrogrid.com) to find out more.