Funding Boost for Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Technology

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Entrust Microgrid is now developing new and innovative technologies to allow Electric Vehicles (EV’s) to power homes and send electricity back to the grid.

Thanks to Government funding from Innovate UK, we are now working closely with the University of Huddersfield to develop a V2X bi-directional DC/DC EV charger.

The electrification of transport through EV charging will place increasing demands on the electricity grid, especially at peak times.  As such, the Government funding is designed to help the UK energy and vehicle industries find solutions to this problem.

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) are potential solutions whereby the electricity stored in the EV can be harnessed to power local power loads, or even send electricity back to the grid when advantageous to do so e.g., via a payment from the grid to utilise the electricity stored in the EV.

Essentially the EV becomes a “battery on wheels” which when aggregated across multiple vehicles, provides a significant amount of energy storage and utilisation for the grid.

Entrust Microgrid’s V2X solution is focused on a smart AC- and DC-networked microgrid system with a 5kW bi-directional DC/DC V2X EV charger forming part of a solar PV microgrid.

This solution operates at highest efficiency, providing for greater return on investment and also allows for EV charging direct from solar PV for true emission free driving.  The system solution also enables smart control to respond to V2X price signals from the grid.  As well as having automatic stop/start charge functionality to support Demand Side Response (DSR) requirements from the grid e.g., stop EV charge at peak times and start EV charge again at off peak periods.

Our V2X solution will also be compliant with grid connection standards and requirements namely G98 and G99.

Now under development, our V2X prototype DC/DC bi-directional EV charger will be ready in summer 2023 for pilot installations from September 2023.

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