EnSmartEV UK Innovation Showcase

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The revolutionary EnSmartEV system has been selected by Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Partnership as a UK innovation showcase.

A new specially commissioned video, available here: features EnSmartEV as an innovation showcase in a bid to grow domestic and export markets for this new technology.

Using battery storage, EnSmartEV is able to fast charge multiple EV’s all at the same time, whilst also balancing out demands on the grid.  The 622 kWh battery storage takes lower cost overnight electricity to charge EV’s avoiding peak time charging.  EnSmartEV is also able to accommodate solar PV for truly zero emission free driving.

With funding and support Innovate UK, EnSmartEV is also being upgraded to enable rapid EV charging at up to 120kw – making EnSmartEV a go to solution for EV charging hubs and fleet EV.

Fast and rapid EV charging places significant loads and demands on the grid which can often mean either costly grid connection upgrades or even no realistic option for EV charging facilities in grid constrained areas.

EnSmartEV solves this problem by enabling EV charging from the existing grid connection and also by avoiding peak demand on the grid.  EnSmartEV can also act as an energy store sending electricity back to the grid too – so has many advantages and applications.

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