Entrust Microgrid is now developing new and innovative technologies to allow Electric Vehicles (EV’s) to power homes and send electricity back to the grid.

Thanks to Government funding from Innovate UK, we are now working closely with the University of Huddersfield to develop a V2X bi-directional DC/DC EV charger.

The electrification of transport through EV charging will place increasing demands on the electricity grid, especially at peak times.  As such, the Government funding is designed to help the UK energy and vehicle industries find solutions to this problem.

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) are potential solutions whereby the electricity stored in the EV can be harnessed to power local power loads, or even send electricity back to the grid when advantageous to do so e.g., via a payment from the grid to utilise the electricity stored in the EV.

Essentially the EV becomes a “battery on wheels” which when aggregated across multiple vehicles, provides a significant amount of energy storage and utilisation for the grid.

Entrust Microgrid’s V2X solution is focused on a smart AC- and DC-networked microgrid system with a 5kW bi-directional DC/DC V2X EV charger forming part of a solar PV microgrid.

This solution operates at highest efficiency, providing for greater return on investment and also allows for EV charging direct from solar PV for true emission free driving.  The system solution also enables smart control to respond to V2X price signals from the grid.  As well as having automatic stop/start charge functionality to support Demand Side Response (DSR) requirements from the grid e.g., stop EV charge at peak times and start EV charge again at off peak periods.

Our V2X solution will also be compliant with grid connection standards and requirements namely G98 and G99.

Now under development, our V2X prototype DC/DC bi-directional EV charger will be ready in summer 2023 for pilot installations from September 2023.

Solar PV and battery storage with smart control is a great way for any business to reduce their energy bill and also to help insulate themselves from spiralling energy costs.

Such “smart microgrids” enable businesses to generate and store their own, lower cost energy for use when they need it most. 

Further, with a grid tied system, lower tariff (off peak) energy can also be stored in the batteries for use at peak times – bringing further benefits and cost savings to businesses, especially heavy consumers of energy.

The featured graphic shows how microgrids can really help businesses with their energy demands and costs. Indeed, energy savings of between 30% and 60% can be generated from microgrids.

As dedicated smart microgrid specialists, we have a range of solutions for businesses and commercial operators.  As well as our existing range of larger scale microgrid and battery storage (300kWh to 1800 kWh), we also have a new range of battery storage solutions from 100kWh to bring the benefits of smart microgrids to a wider range of businesses than ever before.

With an expert in house design team, we even design microgrid solutions for optimum performance and cost.  

Please contact Stephen Parkinson (email stephen.parkinson@entrustmicrogrid.com) to find out more.

EnSmartEV – the revolutionary new EV charging system that allows for charging of EV’s whilst balancing out demands on the grid – is now able to handle up to 160kW DC rapid EV Charging.

With record numbers of electric vehicles now being sold (40,000 EV’s were sold in in the UK in March 2022 more than 16% of all cars sold in the UK) the key to supporting the transition to zero emission vehicles is an available and easy to use EV charging infrastructure .

Reliable, fast and rapid EV charging is in increasing demand as people want the convenience of rapid, top up and go charging to complete their journey’s in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of hassle possible.

Yet rapid EV charging brings its own problems too – namely the electricity grid and how the grid can cope with such huge demands for power (for example 10 EV charging points operating at 160kW means a power demand of 1.6mW on the electricity grid).

This is where EnSmartEV comes in. With patented technology to charge from a large battery store and optional solar PV, EnSmartEV limits demands on the grid, especially at peak times, so as to enable a more balanced roll out of EV charging infrastructure.

And with thanks to funding from Innovate UK, EnSmartEV can now rapid charge EV’s at up to 160kW which is suitable for EV charging at key motorway and strategic road interchanges as well as for fleet EV purposes.

With fast EV charging rates at between20kW, 40kW, 60,kW, 80kW and 120kW EnSmartEV has flexibility to accommodate various EV charging models – all of which can be balanced with the grid so so to reduce grid connection costs as well as ongoing operational costs too.

Contact Stephen Parkinson (email stephen.parkinson@entrustmicrogrid.com) to find out more.

The revolutionary EnSmartEV system has been selected by Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Partnership as a UK innovation showcase.

A new specially commissioned video, available here: https://youtu.be/6lKEywnky-4 features EnSmartEV as an innovation showcase in a bid to grow domestic and export markets for this new technology.

Using battery storage, EnSmartEV is able to fast charge multiple EV’s all at the same time, whilst also balancing out demands on the grid.  The 622 kWh battery storage takes lower cost overnight electricity to charge EV’s avoiding peak time charging.  EnSmartEV is also able to accommodate solar PV for truly zero emission free driving.

With funding and support Innovate UK, EnSmartEV is also being upgraded to enable rapid EV charging at up to 120kw – making EnSmartEV a go to solution for EV charging hubs and fleet EV.

Fast and rapid EV charging places significant loads and demands on the grid which can often mean either costly grid connection upgrades or even no realistic option for EV charging facilities in grid constrained areas.

EnSmartEV solves this problem by enabling EV charging from the existing grid connection and also by avoiding peak demand on the grid.  EnSmartEV can also act as an energy store sending electricity back to the grid too – so has many advantages and applications.

Contact Stephen Parkinson (email stephen.parkinson@entrustmicrogrid.com) to find out more.

Our revolutionary new EV charging system, EnSmartEV is now fully operational and charging EV’s in Runcorn, UK.

Using our own patented technology, EnSmartEV is able to fast charge 6 EV’s in parallel at 20kW DC via CCS Combo 2 connectors.

EnSmartEV operates via 622kWh of battery storage by taking off-peak and lower tariff electricity during the night to charge EV’s during the day. This is key as EnSmartEV reduces demands on the electricity grid – especially at peak times and therefore will become a main stay of EV charging in the future – especially in grid constrained areas.

EnSmartEV is also being upgraded to respond to the growing demand for rapid charging. With versions of the system now able to charge in multiples of 20kW/40kW; 40kW/80kW and 60kW/120kW. Again, EnSmartEV can charge multiple EV’s in parallel – so is perfect for EV charging hubs, Fleet EV operators, delivery and logistics depots, business parks, retail centres as well as in town and city centre locations.

EnSmartEV has been supported by Innovate UK with funding from OZEV – with the aim of supporting the roll out of EV charging infrastructure in the UK.

To watch a short video of EnSmartEV please use this link here https://youtu.be/1YGB5GpmCqM To find our more about EnSmartEV please contact Stephen Parkinson, Business Director Email: stephen.parkinson@entrustmicrogrid.com

Installation of the innovative 600kWh battery unit for the EnSmartEV system is nearing completion, at Leiria Way – Runcorn, Merseyside.

A new and revolutionary system, EnSmartEV takes cheap rate, overnight electricity from the grid and/or solar PV to charge the large scale Lithium Ion batteries within the specially designed battery container – to then directly charge EV’s.

This reduces the impact on the local electricity grid – meaning there are far lower grid connection cost for installing the EnSmartEV charging system.

Further innovations include, the ability to seamlessly charge via AC or DC current – as well as each EV charging posts able to charge 2 EV’s in parallel. So, from EV charging posts up to 6 EV’s can be charged in parallel at any one time.

The significant reduction in grid connection costs and ability for the batteries to act as an complimentary electricity store for immediate or later means use EnSmartEV is an ideal battery storage and EV charging solution for supermarkets, hospitals, business and retail parks.

Supported with Innovate UK funding, EnSmartEV will be the smart choice for mass EV charging of the future.

Installation of the innovative 600kWh battery unit for the EnSmartEV system is underway in Halton.

Containing both the power source and “brains” of the system, EnSmartEV can charge up to six EV’s simultaneously via AC or DC current.

By taking low cost, overnight grid electricity and storing it in the Lithium Ion batteries, EnSmartEV is an innovative way to power the EV revolution. By significantly reducing grid connection costs, EnSmartEV is an ideal battery storage and EV charging solution for supermarkets, hospitals, business and retail parks.

When connected with solarPV EnSmartEV brings even greater benefits in revenue generation, return on investment and in lowering carbon emissions.

Supported with Innovate UK funding, EnSmartEV will be the smart choice for mass EV charging of the future.

A new way of charging EV’s in the UK – that lowers grid connection costs and delivers highest possible charging efficiency is taking shape right here in the North West of England.

Currently in the construction and fit out phase, EnSmartEV uses unique battery storage technology to charge EV’s from low cost, overnight electricity. Prioritising DC charging, EnSmartEV delivers up to 98% efficiency yet can also seamlessly switch to AC charging depending upon needs and circumstances.

Charging up to 6 EV’s simultaneously – EnSmartEV is a game changer for the EV charging and also microgrid, & battery storage markets. Watch out for further updates as the project – which has been made possible by funding from Innovate UK – goes live in June this year.