Future of EV charging under way in Halton, Merseyside

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Installation of the innovative 600kWh battery unit for the EnSmartEV system is underway in Halton.

Containing both the power source and “brains” of the system, EnSmartEV can charge up to six EV’s simultaneously via AC or DC current.

By taking low cost, overnight grid electricity and storing it in the Lithium Ion batteries, EnSmartEV is an innovative way to power the EV revolution. By significantly reducing grid connection costs, EnSmartEV is an ideal battery storage and EV charging solution for supermarkets, hospitals, business and retail parks.

When connected with solarPV EnSmartEV brings even greater benefits in revenue generation, return on investment and in lowering carbon emissions.

Supported with Innovate UK funding, EnSmartEV will be the smart choice for mass EV charging of the future.

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