EnSmartEV Powers Ahead

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Installation of the innovative 600kWh battery unit for the EnSmartEV system is nearing completion, at Leiria Way – Runcorn, Merseyside.

A new and revolutionary system, EnSmartEV takes cheap rate, overnight electricity from the grid and/or solar PV to charge the large scale Lithium Ion batteries within the specially designed battery container – to then directly charge EV’s.

This reduces the impact on the local electricity grid – meaning there are far lower grid connection cost for installing the EnSmartEV charging system.

Further innovations include, the ability to seamlessly charge via AC or DC current – as well as each EV charging posts able to charge 2 EV’s in parallel. So, from EV charging posts up to 6 EV’s can be charged in parallel at any one time.

The significant reduction in grid connection costs and ability for the batteries to act as an complimentary electricity store for immediate or later means use EnSmartEV is an ideal battery storage and EV charging solution for supermarkets, hospitals, business and retail parks.

Supported with Innovate UK funding, EnSmartEV will be the smart choice for mass EV charging of the future.

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