Energy Prices and Smart Microgrids

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Solar PV and battery storage with smart control is a great way for any business to reduce their energy bill and also to help insulate themselves from spiralling energy costs.

Such “smart microgrids” enable businesses to generate and store their own, lower cost energy for use when they need it most. 

Further, with a grid tied system, lower tariff (off peak) energy can also be stored in the batteries for use at peak times – bringing further benefits and cost savings to businesses, especially heavy consumers of energy.

The featured graphic shows how microgrids can really help businesses with their energy demands and costs. Indeed, energy savings of between 30% and 60% can be generated from microgrids.

As dedicated smart microgrid specialists, we have a range of solutions for businesses and commercial operators.  As well as our existing range of larger scale microgrid and battery storage (300kWh to 1800 kWh), we also have a new range of battery storage solutions from 100kWh to bring the benefits of smart microgrids to a wider range of businesses than ever before.

With an expert in house design team, we even design microgrid solutions for optimum performance and cost.  

Please contact Stephen Parkinson (email to find out more.

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